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AI Factory are specialists in providing quality, easy-to-use traditional and casual AI game engine licences, superior AI characterisation and full 2D and 3D games for PC, console and mobile.

PRODUCT SCREENSHOTS - Artwork, models, rendering engines and AI created by AI Factory
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April 2015:

Over Christmas we published the first version of our latest trick-taking card game "Euchre", which was our most requested game.

This 4 player trick-taking game uses only 24 of the 52 card deck, dealing each player 5 cards. Despite the simplification of the reduced deck and smaller hands, this game adds complexities over trick taking games such as Spades as 3 cards are not dealt, so the player has to not only anticipate who has which cards but also which cards are not in play.

This product immediately did well, but from feedback from our users we went on to improve it significantly further still. It is now #1 ranked from some 40 Euchre products.

Android Euchre screenshots
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AI Factory's core activity is the development of quality AI game engines for traditional and casual games, presented with an easy-to-use and feature-rich interface, including a high level of characterisation, shared by all engines. This game engine resource is licensed to third party developers worldwide for the easy-to-implement development of complete game software on PC, console or mobile.
We also create full retail products - artwork, rendering engines and AI - in-house. Alongside quality 2D games, AI Factory has created lavish 3D versions of a selection of classic games, bringing traditional games up-to-date with other genres in the games industry.
We have state-of-the-art AI game engines for an ever-growing range of casual games, including traditional board games, and parlour pastimes from East and West (chess, bridge, backgammon, reversi, shogi, chinese chess, chinese checkers, go, amazons, checkers, four in a line, gomoku and many more), classic card games (bridge, poker, hearts, spades and euchre), puzzles (taipei, dominoes, treasure hunt and others) and life-simulations (including darts, pool, snooker and football).
Many of these game names are instantly recognisable and affordable brands, as well as sitting firmly in the casual games genre, currently a fast growing gaming market.
AI Factory deliver fast, high quality products (whether engines or full games), in a friendly and professional manner. All products have a shared interface for simple implementation, are fully supported and pass quickly through QA, keeping our customers happy.
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