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Go, a.k.a. Badu (South Korea) and Wei-chi (China), is considered to be the ultimate thinking game. Its simple rules hide a game of enormous depth. In consequence computers, who have mastered Chess, have only reached low amateur status in Go.

Go++ was written by Mick Reiss, who has worked on it for 25 years. This game engine is stronger (and larger) than Aya, has won many competitions and was invariably ranked with the top 2 programs. It is available under a number of products in Japan and the West.

Go ++ screen shot
go icon Korean Go - available soon
Go is the premier game of South Korea, where they play with a more aggressive style than their neighbours in Japan. However South Korea is less well served than Japan for Go programs, so AI Factory is filling this gap. Using the same Go++ engine, whose style of play is positional and solid, this product will be ready very soon.
Korean Go CD cover
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