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Chess incorporates our "Treebeard" Chess engine, an innovative engine using closely guarded state-of-the-art search techniques developed for our competition-level Shogi program, which twice came close to capturing the World Championship crown.

It is eminently suited to use on everything from very small devices right up to giga-byte monster game machines. The engine has the option to run with tiny hand-coded opening books or large hash table books to accommodate differing platform sizes.

Note! This is the chess engine currently used by Microsoft for their MSN chess.

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Treebeard also supports the following Chess variants, which adds significant extra value to using this engine. These are Checkless Chess, Rifle Chess, Swap Chess, Bank Rank Chess, Losing Chess and Random Chess.

We have implemented a full 3D version of Chess for the PC, complete with several good-looking piece sets and boards, and over 70 AI opponents of different abilities to choose from.

You can also read about our chess engine in our newsletter.
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