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The AI Factory engine workbench includes a card-game playing framework, allowing us to create stable, easily-integrated game engines very rapidly, as well as automatically and thoroughly test them.
link to Bridge link to Bridge Bridge Engine
Andrew Bracher's Oxford Bridge - a strong engine, under constant development and respected for its success at competition - has been implemented within a 3D and a 2D environment. The engine has over 70 different AI opponents to play with (including Omar Sharif himself) and there are many different beautiful card sets to use.
link to Euchre link to Euchre Euchre Engine
This is a popular game played with only the top cards from the pack, with only 5 cards dealt to each of the four players.
link to Gin Rummy link to Gin Rummy Gin Rummy Engine
This two player card game was derived from 19th Century Whiskey Poker and has just celebrated its centenary.
link to Hearts link to Hearts Hearts Engine
Hearts is one of the simpler trick-taking games, but still offers interesting game play. This is a good game to pick up for a short game session.
link to Solitaire link to Solitaire Solitaire Engines
Klondike Solitaire (pictured here) is the classic one player card game but AI Factory can provide an engine for any of the one player card game variants.
link to Spades link to Spades Spades Engine
Starting in 1930s America this is now a world-wide game, where players estimate how many tricks they will win and are penalised for being under or over their contract.
link to Texas Hold'em Poker link to Texas Hold'em Poker Texas Hold'em Poker Engine
This is the classic universal Poker game. AI Factory's new game engine uses advanced Monte Carlo techniques with multiple learning methods to create a strong engine that can be tuned to run on both small slower devices or fast machines.