AI Factory Privacy Policy For Paid/Premium Apps With No Advertising

(last updated 7th July 2020)

Our Paid/Premium apps with no advertising on Android are as follows:

Backgammon, Checkers, Chess, Euchre, Four In A Line, Gin Rummy, Go, Gomoku, Hearts, Move it! Block Sliding Puzzle, Reversi, Solitaire, Spades, Sudoku and Tic Tac Toe Universe

(Note: These are not to be confused with their "Free" versions, which do include advertising.)

These Paid/Premium apps do not contain any ads, ad SDKs, or analytics.

As with all apps on Google Play or similar stores, we get anonymous sales data and anonymous aggregated usage data (e.g. download, uninstall, crash numbers), but we do not collect any personally identifiable data from these apps.

Some apps have the ability for players to sign into Google within the apps, for Google Play Games features such as Achievements and Leaderboards, but this only gives us a little extra anonymous aggregated usage data (e.g. achievements unlocked etc).

Our Chess and Checkers apps also have the ability for players to sign into Google within the apps for online Multiplayer using Google’s Firebase (Realtime Database and Cloud Functions) alongside Google Play Games accounts. Signing into multiplayer requires a Google Play Games account.

The Firebase Realtime Database only contains basic data required to allow multiplayer to work, such as a list of matches the user is part of, and the details of each match. Only Google Play Games user IDs and Google Play Games user names (both of which are anyway publicly available in the Google Play Games system) are used to identify users in the database. We do not store any other personal data for any users in the database (i.e. no real name, no date of birth, no email address, etc).

All Google sign in information will be covered by Google's privacy policies (links are within the full Privacy Policy linked below).

Here is a link to our full Privacy Policy, of which only some applies to the Paid/Premium games above:


Please feel free to contact us at with any queries or ideas about our Privacy Policy.